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Give a gift from your heart to theirs

Make a donation either in the form of a new or gently used stuff animal or a monetary contribution to help us fund our projects.


June 2012 stuff animals 003Maybe it was a teddy bear. Perhaps it was a rabbit, a monkey or a kitty. Whatever the form of your favorite stuffed animal as a child, one thing was certain: it symbolized safety, comfort, and something that was all your own. You reached for it when you were scared, it was by your side when you were happy, and it softly nuzzled you as you drifted off to sleep each night.

Gifts for the Heart allows us the chance to provide this small but priceless comfort to a child who has likely never known what it’s like to own something—a child who is lucky to get one hot meal a day. While there are many wonderful organizations working to provide these children with clean water, food and education, our goal is to give them a source of joy that is all their own. We can’t solve all of their problems, but with one small gift, we can give them something they may not have: love and joy. We can share a small piece of the childhood we were so blessed to have.